Fsac Jasnor Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2003. Now it has two major production and processing centers in Guangzhou and Dongguan, with more than 200 professional processing equipment, more than 10 professional and technical backbones and more than 100 employees. We are a manufacturer specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of waterproof cable gland, waterproof exhaust valve, cable protection pipe, waterproof connector and various connector series.While focusing on the R & D and production of waterproof connectors, we continue to improve product innovation, constantly meet the new needs of customers, and further optimize and improve the product layout.The waterproof protection grade of the product reaches IP68, up to ip68k. It has passed the certificatio

Six advantages

Various specifications support customization

The company further improves various series of products. Customers can customize accessories related to waterproof and breathable products in various specifications and formats to meet the needs of various customers. From the aspects of product design, material technology, manufacturing technology, simulating customers' real environment and so on, we can develop more protective and breathable


Win with professional products 

It is mainly engaged in waterproof vent valve, waterproof joint, respirator, bellows joint, plastic bellows, metal hose, hose joint, plug and other products of various specifications. It has high-quality material selection and quality assurance. The products are waterproof and dustproof, advanced technology, complete equipment, complete detection means and stable quality.

Professional services to create value for customers

Adhering to the enterprise business philosophy of "creating value for customers, seeking benefits for employees and taking responsibility for society", the company continues to improve its business management mode and better serve customers with cost-effective products, professional services, determination and courage to forge ahead!


Multiple certification quality first 

Through the certification of Rosh, CE certification, EU, EU REACH directive and other professional testing institutions, with strong technical strength, professional process flow and strong production capacity, it has gradually become a leading supplier of waterproof connection schemes in the industry

Widely used in different scenarios

The products are widely used in new energy vehicles, urban lighting engineering, landscape lighting, stage lighting, railway transportation, transportation power distribution system engineering and other fields.


Three dimensional promotion to occupy the market 

Realize the strategy of sustainable development. It has participated in various wind direction exhibitions such as Guangya Exhibition and Canton Fair for years, and has been comprehensively promoted online and offline. Its products have been recognized by more than 5000 cooperative customers such as Midea, osming, Leishi, OPP, Biyadi, Huawei and Yutong, with an annual output value of more than 100

Would like to know such you

Companies adhering to create value for customers the concept of cooperation, sincere knot the world like-minded people。
Company six advantages and support, let us mutual benefit and win-win, work together!


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