Service Center

1、 Find products

Directly enter the product name, model (or characters included), brand or other relevant information in the search box, and click the "search" button.

2、 Sample

After browsing the product details page, determine the product model you need. If necessary, you can contact the customer service button to obtain a certain number of samples. After confirming the receiving address and sample information, we will arrange to send it to you. When you receive the sample, you can also tell us the result of the sample.

3、 Inquiry

Enter the product details page and send the product picture to the customer service; Fill in the required quantity, expected price, expected receipt date and other information. The customer service personnel will handle the inquiry in time and send you the quotation.

4、 Quotation

We will quote you as soon as we receive your inquiry, and we will send you a reminder by SMS.

5、 Place an order

After receiving the quotation, you can contact our customer service to confirm the purchase;

6、 Pay

After you place an order, our business personnel will take the initiative to contact you and confirm with you the most suitable payment method.

7、 Shipping and viewing logistics information

After receiving your payment, we will arrange shipment for you in time. Confirm the logistics company, waybill number, delivery date and other information for you

8、 After sale

If you encounter any problems after receiving the goods, please contact the customer service personnel, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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