• sales assistant

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for maintaining customer relationship and assisting sales personnel to promote customer transaction;

2. Be responsible for the preparation and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports and reports of various sales indicators, and report the sales trends at any time;

3. Responsible for collecting, sorting and analyzing customer sales data;

4. Assist customers in sales work, correctly and effectively convey customer needs and properly handle them;

5. Be responsible for the management, classification, sorting, filing and safekeeping of the company's sales contracts and other documents.


1. Technical secondary school or above;

2. Working as a sales assistant or business merchandiser is preferred;

3. Be serious, careful and responsible;

4. Proficient in using office and other office software;

5. Have a sense of service and be able to adapt to greater work pressure;

6. Smart and flexible, with strong communication and coordination skills.

  • Operations Assistant

Position information

1. Be responsible for communicating with e-commerce platform operators and operating the company's products in combination with the advantages of the platform.

2. Be responsible for the overall operation and management of the store platform and achieve the performance objectives.

3. Be responsible for optimizing the product page of the store platform and improving the product display rate.

4. Be responsible for the planning of store platform promotions and other related activities to improve the conversion rate of stores.

5. Study the brand and price of competitors and make suggestions and solutions.

6. Formulate product operation plan, monitor and analyze daily marketing transaction data, optimize products pertinently, and be responsible for the implementation of the results.

7. Be responsible for the statistics and tracking of store platform sales, regularly summarize and put forward improvement plans.

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